c.v. in brief

i have been teaching for over a decade— first in small-group tutoring for students grades 1-12, then high school teaching, and currently as a community college instructor.

my personal pedagogy is constructivist. students must build their own understanding through discussion, discovery & skill practice. formative assessment and feedback are key to my work. drill is an excellent tool when used to get repeated quick-feedback to guide study. where i do summative assessment, i prefer it to be creative and synthetic to create a genuine artifact of learning (such as a thesis, presentation, notes, or project).

institutional education

expected – 2023
masters in medical physiology and pharmacology
university of florida

attained – 2021
graduate certificate in medical physiology
university of florida

attained – 2019
masters of mathematics for teachers
university of waterloo

attained – 2012
bachelor’s of science, applied engineering
computation & neural systems
california institute of technology

as an in-service teacher, I am very comfortable the workaday realities of teaching: designing a curriculum, planning lessons, delivering instruction, assessment, using online courseware or lab materials, and working with student ILPs to do differentiation and accommodation for all different kinds of learners.

my experience as an administrator is in a small private high school setting, primarily in STEM department leadership and WASC accreditation. i serve past and present clients in curriculum design, especially problem-based mathematics learning.

recent work:

2019 – present
teaching faculty (science & allied health; business & mathematics)
community college of vermont

2016 – present
curriculum engineer (science, math, computer science, philosophy)
freelance, with clients & collaborators: sokikom, my education guru

2012 – present
tutor (college math, k-12 science & math, MCAT preparation, test prep)
freelance, client references upon request

2013 – 2018
HS teacher (science, math, computer science, philosophy)
STEM director, WASC accreditation coordinator
areté preparatory academy 

2012 – 2015
k-12 tutor (math, science, common core, SAT/ACE/ISEE prep, competition math)
wilshire academy

other and online education

anatomy specialization (MOOC)
by university of michigan, on coursera

advanced topics in CS (summer institute)
by princeton dept of computer science

intellectual humility in HS ed (summer institute)
by university of connecticut project high-phi

neuroscience & classroom engagement (summer institute)
by Learning & the Brain®

human languages:

native in english
compétent en français (B2)

i am a language & linguistics enthusiast (and have taken many linguistics MOOCs) and enjoy learning and practicing in my target learning languages (currently: french, spanish, korean, latin).

my computer science interests are primarily academic and focused on the mathematics of computation, algorithm design, and machine learning. I teach intro computer science (theory-heavy) but not practical programming courses.

programming languages:

teaching experience in: Java, Javascript, Python

academic experience in: MATLAB, LaTeX, Racket(Scheme)